Federal judge overturns California’s ban on assault weapons


Ruling leads to the first annual Around the Block “One of these things is not like the others” contest

Before we get deep into the headlined story, I thought it might be fun if we’d first take a break and warm up with the first annual Around the Block “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others” contest. The rules are simple: look at the images below and…

With GOP-led voter suppression bills spreading around Red States like wild-fire, Around the Block asks, are they really going as far as they should?

Well, it’s official — my adopted state of Florida has joined a growing list of Republican-led states in making it more difficult to vote.

The Florida law, signed by the current heart throb of the right, Governor Ron DeSantis, is particularly egregious. During a bill-signing ceremony in West Palm Beach…

This: Mike Pence; That: Trader Joe’s; The Other Thing: ‘YO-se-MIGHT,’ er, ‘YO-se-min-NIGHT.’

Busy times, with so much to report and so little time.

Today, Around the Block will focus on three things that caught our attention and deserve comment.

THIS — Mike Pence


Das Department of Homeland Security hat “Geheimdienstberichte” über die Arbeit amerikanischer Journalisten zusammengestellt, die über Proteste in Portland, Oregon, berichten. Aktuelle und ehemalige Beamte nannten einen alarmierenden Einsatz eines Regierungssystems, um Informationen über mutmaßliche Terroristen und gewalttätige Akteure auszutauschen.

Oops, sorry. For a second I lost my head and imagined…

In combative interview, president blasts ‘fake polls,’ calls Fauci ‘alarmist,’ vows to veto base renaming

In a wide-ranging, and frankly scary, interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace (tell me again how Wallace keeps his job with Fox), Donald Trump called polls showing him increasingly losing ground to his presumptive presidential opponent (no, I’m not talking talking about Kanye West), Joe Biden, “fake;” he called Dr. Anthony…

Theodore Block

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